Uplay+ subscription rebrands as Ubisoft+ and adds multi-platform support

Ubisoft is rebranding its Uplay+ subscription service as Ubisoft+ and adding multi-platform support. The move comes shortly after Ubisoft announced both Uplay and its Ubisoft Club reward program would be melted down and reforged as Ubisoft Connect.

The revamped Ubisoft+ service will continue to offer access to a catalog over over 100 PC titles for $14.99 per month, but will eventually add support for Amazon Luna and Stadia at no extra cost.

Notably, Ubisoft+ will also offer cross-platform progression for upcoming titles like Assasin’s Creed Valhalla on day one, meaning users could start the game on PC before picking up where they left off on Stadia or Luna.

Ubisoft will test Luna support during a beta test in the United States beginning on November 10. As for Stadia, subscribers will be able to play select Ubisoft games on Google’s streaming platform “by the end of the year.”

“With Ubisoft+, our vision is to provide more options for our players to access their favorite Ubisoft games, wherever they are and whenever they want,” said Ubisoft’s associate director of subscription, Alexia Brume, in a press release.

“This beta period with Stadia and Amazon Luna is just the beginning. We’re excited to offer subscribers the chance to check out the premium editions of our fall lineup so they can pick up and play across multiple platforms, all with one subscription.”

Credit: Uplay+ subscription rebrands as Ubisoft+ and adds multi-platform support