Fortnite 14.50 Update Brings Back Jetpacks

Fortnite has received a new update that removes the Halloween decorations and brings back jetpacks in battle royale. The main villain of Marvel-themed season 4, Galactus, is getting closer to the map. Players can expect a major event before this season ends.

According to Gamespot, the Stark Jetpacks allow players to fly for a short distance. Players can find jetpacks in chests across the map. Fortnite is also adding YouTuber Lachlan skin as part of its Icon Series. Players need to participate in Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy competitive event on November 8 to unlock the skin. In this event, trios must use their pickaxe to look for items like impulse grenades, rusty cans, supply drops, and decoy grenades. Shields and healing items will not be available, so players can only regenerate health by eliminating opponents. The Lachlan skin will be added to Item Shop later.

Fortnite has also added Ghost Rider skin, which can be obtained by playing the Ghost Rider Cup.

Credit: Fortnite 14.50 Update Brings Back Jetpacks