BlizzCon To Be Made Available To Everyone For Free

Blizzard fans have known for a few months now that the company decided to replace its annual convention with a virtual experience titled Blizzconline. In fact, the company announced in September that the event — which normally takes place in November — would be hosted in mid February. At the time they didn’t provide a lot of information on the event, but instead promised to let us know more later.

Well, now it seems it is indeed “later”. Yesterday, a video, featuring Blizzard President J. Allen Brack, revealed another change to the way Blizzcon normally operates. Most fans know that even during in-person Blizzcon events, there is always a virtual aspect, with fans who may not be able to attend the event being able to purchase tickets that offer them access to panels and other content not available for free. This time, however, it seems the company has decided to offer players the experience (in whatever form it takes) for free.

Unfortunately, very little information as to what will be featured at Blizzconline was provided in the video. Brack did mention news announcements and sharing creative community projects — think fan-art and cosplay. That said, if you’re in to videos that reflect on what Blizzard has been doing throughout the year, you can watch the full thing below.

Credit: BlizzCon To Be Made Available To Everyone For Free – MMO Bomb