How to download

         How to DOWNLOAD files from HACKSWORK.COM?



          1.Click on DOWNLOAD button.

2.When you choose the first button (RECCOMANDED LINK) you will recive a winrar file . To unzip it you need to complete a short and free survey .You can find the links in Read me.txt ( It was added for the security and integrity of the site-to see if you are a human or a bot)

3.When you choose the second download-button(MIRROR-.exe) a new window is going to direct you to the download-mirror. We are using this download mirror to make sure we can deliver our tools even if our site has server issues, as well as secure our tools from bots and spam.

4.Do the required surveys or offers.You will be transferred to another screen ONLY after you completed one of the surveys/offers.

5.Your DOWNLOAD should automatically begin within 1-2 minutes.

We exist as a download resource for gamers.We help peoples get their hands on the latest patches,hacks,cheats and cracks.We are a team of trained professionals dedicated to be working around the clock,always providing you with the most updated hacks.We are here for your needs!

We are not responsible for what you do after you download content found on our website !!! Also we guarantee that our site is 100% clean ,all files are verified. Remember to use at your own risk .Happy Hacking !